Chests and trades All maps
Bug bless Able /zen
Chaos machine view advantages
Drops 25%
Experience 1x
Monsters 95% Free - 100% Vip
PK /pkclear
Reset /reset - scored
Spots all maps
Version Season15 Part 1-3
Blood Castle Able
Castle Siege Able
Chaos Castle Able
Crywolf Fortress Able
Devil Square Able
Gold Invasion Able
Kalima Able
Kantru/Maya Disabled
LorenDeep Able
White Wizard Able
Players online 0
Record online 2
Castle siege owner
Next confrontation
Server status Online
Total of Accounts 16
Total of Characters 18
Total of Guilds 1
Total of vips 10
Banned accounts 1
Banned characters 0
/reset Reset Character.
/autoreset Automatically resets.
/autoattack Attack MOBs automatically.
/offattack Attack MOBs even offline.
/store Open a Personal Store.
/offstore Personal Store enabled Offline.
/bau Change Chest. Ex: / trunk 2.
/pkclear Clear Status Pk.
/evo Evolve Class.
/online List Players or ADMs / GMs Online.
/skin Change the character's appearance.
Free VIP
Informations Yes Yes
Character informations Yes Yes
Character rebirth Yes Yes
Connections Yes Yes
Repair-items Yes Yes
Character grand-rebirth Yes Yes
Change-pid Yes Yes
Character transfer-rebirths No No
Change-pass Yes Yes
Character rebuild-points No No
Character rebuild-tree No No
Exchange No No
Character change-class No No
Transfer-vip No No
Clear-vault Yes Yes
Character change-nick No No
Character clear-inventory Yes Yes
Character change-photo Yes Yes